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McKinley ByLaws

McKinley Cooperative Preschool, Inc. is a non-profit, non-discriminatory organization established in 1975. Administration of the Preschool is managed entirely by the members. The preschool is licensed by the State of Michigan, Department of Social Services, and must meet all the requirements of that governmental agency.

The purpose of our preschool is to administer and maintain a developmental program for toddlers and preschool children. Our emphasis is on providing an environment that encourages each child’s natural curiosity and creativity. The preschool experience will increase independence and socialization skills through a variety of experiences in art, music, and play. The children learn to play well together, grow, and develop self-esteem.

Our cooperative preschool tries very hard to provide stimulating experiences for both parent and child. With parents in the background, the child takes his/her first step outside the home. He/she establishes new relationships with adults other than his/her parents, particularly with the teacher. In turn, the parents, through their involvement in the preschool, acquire a greater understanding of all preschool children, and the ability to evaluate their own child’s development.

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McKinley By-laws

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McKinley Job Descriptions

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Vice President


Accounts Receivable


Membership Chairperson

Fundraising Chairperson

Fundraiser Assistant

Health & Licensing

Class Representative



Supply Purchaser & Organize

Equipment repair and Workbench

Housekeeping Chairperson